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Teacher of a Gathering of the Light of Science in South Kalimantan


The following is an article entitled " Guru Sekumpul Cahaya Ilmu South Kalimantan " which contains the charismatic and beloved manakib of the Kalimantan cleric who is also a role model for the people of Kalimantan, especially the Banjar community. Get rid of those who like to blaspheme and slander him because of envy.
KH. Muhammad Zaini Abdul Ghani or Shaykhuna al-Alim al-Allamah Muhammad Zaini bin al-Arif billah Abdul Ghani bin Abdul Manaf bin Muhammad Seman bin Muhammad Sa'ad bin Abdullah bin al-Mufti Muhammad Khalid bin al-Alim al-Allamah al-Khalifah Hasanuddin bin Shaykh Muhammad Arsyad al-Banjari who holds the title Al Alimul Allamah Al Arif Billaah Albahrul Ulum Al Waliy Qutb As Sheikh Al Mukarram Maulana (commonly called Abah Guru Sekumpul or Tuan Guru Ijai).

He was born on the night of Wednesday 27 Muharram 1361 Hijriyah or coincided on February 11, 1942 in the village of Dalam Pagar (now included in the Martapura Timur sub-district, Banjar Regency) from husband and wife Abdul Ghani bin H. Abdul Manaf bin Muhammad Seman with Hj. Masliah bint H. Mulya bin Muhyiddin.

KH. Muhammad Zaini Abdul Ghani is the first child, while his younger brother is Hj. Grace. When he was a child, he was called Qusyairi. Guru Sekumpul is the 8th descendant of the great Banjar cleric, Maulana Sheikh Muhammad Arsyad bin Abdullah Al Banjari.

Teacher's Childhood Sekumpul KH. Muhammad Zaini Abdul Ghani since childhood has always been beside his father and grandmother named Salbiyah. These two people are the ones who take care of little Qusyairi. Since childhood, both of them instilled discipline in education.

Both also instill monotheism and morals education and learn to read the Koran. Therefore, the first teacher of Alimul Allamah Asy Sheikh Muhammad Zaini Ghani was his own father and grandmother.

Since childhood, he has been trained by his parents to serve science and instilled feelings of love and respect for the scholars. Teacher Sekumpul as a child often waited for al-Alim al-Fadhil Shaykh Zainal Ilmi who wanted to go to Banjarmasin just to shake hands and kiss his hand.

In 1949 when he was 7 years old, he attended "formal" education at Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Darussalam, Martapura. Then in 1955 at the age of 13, he continued his education at Madrasah Tsanawiyah Darussalam, Martapura. At this time he has studied with professors who specialize in scientific fields such as:
  1. Al-Alim al-Fadhil Sya'rani Arifal
  2. Al-Alim al-Fadhil Husayn Qadri
  3. Al-Alim al-Fadhil Salim Ma'ruf
  4. Al-Alim al-Allamah Shaykh Seman Mulya
  5. Al-Alim Shaykh Salman Jalil
  6. Al-Alim al-Fadhil Sya'rani Arif
  7. Al-Alim al-Fadhil al-Hafizh Shaykh Nashrun Thahir
  8. KH. Aini Kandangan .
The last three are his teachers who are specifically for the deepening of Tajweed Science.

Shaykh Seman Mulya is his uncle who intensively educates him both at school and outside of school. And when educating Guru Sekumpul, Guru Seman almost never directly taught the scientific fields to him except at school.

However, Guru Seman immediately invited and escorted him to famous figures with their respective specialties both in South Kalimantan (Kalimantan) and in Java to study.

For example, when he wanted to study Hadith and Tafsir, Seman's teacher invited (delivered) Guru Sekumpul to al-Alim al-Allamah Shaykh Anang Sya'rani who was famous as a muhaddits and interpreter.

According to Guru Sekumpul himself, later it turned out that Guru Tuha Seman Mulya was an expert in all fields of Islamic scholarship. But because of humility and humility do not show it in front of the public.

Meanwhile, al-Alim al-Allamah Salman Jalil is an expert in astronomy and faraidh science. (At that time, there were only two astronomers who were recognized for their height and depth, namely him and the late KH Hanafiah Gobet).

In addition, Salman Jalil is also Qhadi Qudat Kalimantan and one of the founding figures of IAIN Antasari Banjarmasin. Salman Jalil in his old age returned to study with Guru Sekumpul himself.

This incident he gave an example to the current generation so as not to be arrogant, and look at how a great pious teacher was never arrogant in front of the greatness of science, even though it was his own students who were conveying it.

In addition, among the teachers of Guru Ijai again:
  1. Sheikh Syarwani Abdan Bangil
  2. Al-Alim al-Allamah al-Shaykh al-Sayyid Muhammad Amin Kutbi
These two figures are usually called his Special Teachers, or to borrow his own words are Suluk Teachers (Tarbiyah al-Shufiyah).

Some of the teachers again are:
  1. Kyai Falak (Bogor)
  2. Shaykh Yasin bin Isa Padang (Makkah)
  3. Shaykh Hasan Masyath
  4. Shaykh Ismail al-Yamani
  5. Shaykh Abdul Kadir al-Bar
His father's tactics and his uncle's intensive guidance since childhood were deeply ingrained. Since childhood he has shown a noble character; patient, pleased, generous, and affectionate towards everyone. The affection that was instilled and also shown by his own father.

For example, one day it rained heavily, while the house of Guru Sekumpul and his family was very old and dilapidated. So that rainwater seeps in from the roofs of the houses. At that time, his father covered him to protect his body from the rain and was willing to let himself be splashed by the rain.

Abdul Ghani bin Abdul Manaf , the father of Guru Sekumpul is also a pious young man and patient in dealing with all situations and very strong by hiding suffering and trials. Never complained to anyone.
Stories of grief and distress are at the same time the essence of patience, encouragement to continue to do what is lawful, protect the rights of others, don't waste it, even the system of managing trade businesses he conveys to the current generation through these stories.

Some of the stories that were narrated were that when they were little, a family of four people only ate one rice wrap with a side dish of one egg, divided by four. Never once did any of them complain.

In those days too, his father opened a tavern. Whenever there was leftover tea, his father always asked the buyer for permission to give it to Qusyairi. So then the remnants of the drink were collected and given to the family.

As for the system of regulating the trading business, Guru Sekumpul's father said that they divided each trading profit into three. One third to support family needs, one third to increase business capital, and one third to donate.

One of the local clerics once commented on this, "How can it not be a blessing for his life to be like that." Once as a child, Qusyairi played with making his own toy from banana gadang. Then his father came out of the house and saw him. His father kindly rebuked him, "Son, it's a pity that your toy can be made of vegetables." Qusyairi immediately stopped and handed it to her father.

Some other notes in the form of some advantages and oddities of Qusyairi is that he has memorized the Qur'an since he was 7 years old. Then memorized the interpretation of Jalalain at the age of 9 years. Since childhood, his association is really guarded.

Wherever you go, you are always accompanied. Once upon a time, Qusyairi wanted to go to the market to play like other children her age when she was young. When entering the market gate, suddenly his uncle, Shaykh Seman Mulya appeared in front of him and ordered him to go home. No one saw the Sheikh, nor did the cousin who became his "bodyguard". He immediately went home.

At the age of approximately 10 years, he has received a special and gift from God in the form of Kasyaf Hissi, namely seeing and hearing what is inside or what is walled. At that age, Qusyairi was visited by a former rebel who was greatly feared by society for his crimes and cruelty.

The arrival of this person must have shocked the family at his home. But what happened, the man turned out when he saw Qusyairi immediately sungkem and asked for forgiveness and asked to be controlled or checked for his knowledge which he had been practicing, if he was wrong or misguided he asked to be corrected and he asked to be converted.

At the age of 9, on Friday night, Qusyairi dreamed of seeing a large ship descending from the sky. In front of the door of the ship stood a guard in a white robe and on the dress of the entrance of the ship was written "Sapinah al-Auliya" . Qusyairi wanted to enter, but was pushed back by the guards so that she fell down. He woke up.

The following Friday night, he had the same dream again. And on the third Friday night, he had the same dream again. But this time he was invited in and greeted by one of the sheikhs. When he entered he saw that there were still many empty seats.

When Qusyairi migrated to the land of Java to seek knowledge, unexpectedly, it was unexpected that the person who first welcomed him and became a teacher was the one who welcomed him in the dream.

One messageGuru Sekumpul is about karamah, that is, so that we do not get fooled by all the oddities and uniqueness. Because after all, karamah is a gift, a pure gift, not a skill or skill.

Therefore, never think or intend to get karamah by doing worship or wiridan-wiridan. And the most noble and high value karamah is istiqamah in the way of Allah Himself. If someone admits that he himself has karamah but his prayers are erratic, then it is not karamah, but Bakarmi (a person who comes out of his rectum).

Collective Teacher's Will

Guru Sekumpul also had time to give several messages to the entire Muslim community, namely:
  1. Respect the clergy and parents
  2. Think good of Muslims
  3. Cheap treasure
  4. cute face
  5. Don't hurt other people
  6. Forgive other people's mistakes
  7. Don't be hostile
  8. Don't be greedy or greedy
  9. Hold on to Allah, accept all your wishes
  10. Believe that salvation is in the truth.
Thousands of residents of Martapura City and its surroundings flocked to the location where Guru Sekumpul will be buried and filled the area of Jl. Assemblage, Martapura.

His writings are as follows:
  1. Mubaraqah treatise.
  2. Manaqib Ash-Shaykh As-Sayyid Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Qadiri Al-Hasani As-Samman Al-Madani.
  3. Ar-Risalatun Nuraniyah fi Syarhit Tawassulatis Sammaniyah.
  4. Nubdzatun fi Manaqibil Imamil Masyhur bil Ustadzil a'zham Muhammad bin Ali Ba'alawy.
Died Thousands of worshipers are willing to jostle to take Guru Sekumpul to his final resting place. KH Muhammad Zaini Abdul Ghani was treated at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore, for 10 days. Tuesday night, August 9, 2005, at around 20.30, Guru Sekumpul arrived at Syamsuddin Noor Airport, Banjarbaru, using an F-28 charter plane.

On Wednesday, August 10, 2005 at 05.10 am, Guru Sekumpul breathed his last and passed away to rahmatullah at the age of 63 years at his residence as well as the recitation complex, Sekumpul Martapura.

Teacher Assemblage passed awaydue to complications from kidney failure. Upon hearing the news of Guru Sekumpul's death through loudspeakers in mosques after the morning prayers, people from various regions in South Kalimantan came to Sekumpul Martapura to pay their last respects to the deceased.

Martapura Market which is usually very busy in the morning, Wednesday morning was quiet because almost all stalls and shops were closed. The same atmosphere was also seen in several official offices, including the Banjar Regent's Office.

Most of the employees came to Sekumpul to pay their last respects. Before being buried in the family cemetery complex near the Ar Raudhah Mosque, Wednesday afternoon at around 16.00, residents who came were given the opportunity to perform the funeral prayers in turn. This worship activity is centered at the Mushalla Ar Raudhah, Sekumpul, which has been used as a place of study by him. - Master of the Light of Science in South Kalimantan.

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