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6 Most Interested and Good Quality Islamic Universities in Turkey

Here are the 6 Islamic Universities in Turkey that are most in demand, and of high quality:

1. Uludag University

First there is Uludag University, namely the Islamic University in Turkey which has the status of a state university. The name of this university is taken from one of Turkey's high mountains, namely Uludag. To get into this university located in Bursa, extra effort is needed. This is because the standard set by the university is quite high.

One of the most popular study programs is Divineyat. The Divineyat is a study program that studies Islam in its entirety. If you really intend to study at Uludag University, prepare carefully from now on.

2. Marmara University

Furthermore, there is Marmara University, this university is a tertiary institution that often conducts student exchange activities. To get into this university, it takes a hard struggle. The reason is, this university sets a very high score, besides that there are also many enthusiasts. Most of the teachers or lecturers at Marmara University are specialists in Hadith and Interpretation.

Marmara often conducts student exchanges, because it cooperates with many other universities. Qatar University, IIUM Malaysia, and the University of Morocco are examples of universities cooperating with Marmara University. Similar to the previous university, the study program that is most in demand at Marmara is also Divineyat.

3.Istanbul University

The third is Istanbul University, which is the oldest university in Turkey. This university was built by Muhammad Al Fatih, an Islamic figure who conquered Constantinople. The thing that makes this university much in demand is the quality of the teachers and lecturers. Istanbul University teachers and lecturers, on average, graduate from the best universities in the Middle East and Europe.

No wonder if you succeed in entering this university, you are required to be active in learning. This is because Istanbul University only graduates the best students, with the best academic grades and skills. If you really intend to study at Istanbul University, it would be nice to prepare everything in advance.

4. Ankara University

Ankara University or university which is famous for producing the best Islamic teachers. Many of Turkey's best Islamic teachers study at Ankara University. Located in the capital city of Turkey, making the University of Ankara has a lot of devotees.

Another thing that Ankara University is famous for is its library. Libraries in Ankara are known to be complete, so they really support lecture activities. The process of studying at Ankara University is fully in Arabic, so you must be fluent in Arabic if you want to study here.

5. Ataturk University

Want a university with complete facilities? Ataturk University is the answer. This Islamic University in Turkey is in demand because it has super complete facilities. Even this university has its own research center, and training hospital. The cool thing is that this university also provides facilities such as a cinema, gym, and bowling. Very cool right? It's no wonder that many want to study at Ataturk University.

6. İstanbul University 29 Mayıs

Finally, there is Istanbul 29 Mayis University, a university built by the Ministry of Religion of Turkey. Teachers and lecturers at this university, on average, come from Arab countries. So if you want to enter this university, try to fluent Arabic first.

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Those are the 6 Islamic universities in Turkey that are in great demand. Surely it would be very proud if I could study at one of the universities above. If you really want to study in one of them, don't forget to study and prepare everything.

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