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History of the Most Expensive Hassan II Mosque in the World Located in Casablanca, Morocco

Hasan II Mosque is a mosque built on sea reclamation land in the city of Casablanca. The position of this mosque juts towards the Atlantic Ocean which seems to be floating in the middle of the sea. This mosque was built by a French architect named Michel Pinseau.

The purpose of building this mosque is to celebrate the birthday of King Hasan II who ruled Morocco during the reign of Murahabittun. By maintaining the architectural characteristics of the typical Cordoba mosque building which has been maintained to this day. 

And the most interesting thing about the Hasan II mosque is the minaret with a height of 210 meters (689 feet) and has a capacity of 25,000 worshippers. because this part is the most prominent of the Hasan II mosque. Besides that, what's interesting about this mosque, friends, is that it has educational value too.

Apart from that, friends built this mosque on the advice of King Hasan II who was amazed by the verses of the holy Koran that God's throne is above the sea, therefore the Hasan II Mosque was made to float as if it were in the middle of the sea. 

And the construction of this mosque in its manufacture cost 800 trillion. Therefore this mosque is known as the most expensive and most beautiful mosque in the world . For foreign and domestic tourists traveling to Casablanca, don't miss this place.

If you've never been to Casablanca, you've never been to this place, hmmm, it's not afdholl, besides that, what's interesting about the friends from the Hasan II Mosque is its architectural design. The architecture of the Hasan II mosque's style shows the influence of a strong " Moorish " style and reminds people of the splendor of the Alhambra and the Mezquita, two relics of the famous Islamic culture in mainland Spain. 

The doors outside and inside the mosque are characterized by horseshoe-shaped arches. Meanwhile, the walls and pillars inside the room are decorated with various kinds of intricate and beautiful carved patterns.

Apart from that, some of the floors of the mosque are made of thick glass so that Muslims who pray or prostrate can see directly into the sea of the Atlantic Ocean. The minaret of this mosque is the highest in the world. From the top of this tower, you will see a bright laser beam pointing to the Qibla, namely towards the Kaaba in Mecca at night. This is as if a guide to the house of God.

Hassan II Mosque interior

And in the main room, where Muslims pray, is lined with a red carpet. Meanwhile, a special balcony for women and children is placed to the right of the entrance and is made of beautifully carved wood. 

Under the floor, there is a Turkish-style public bath and also a fountain that can be used as ablution water. In addition, there is also a floor heater to control the temperature of the mosque's room through the floor when it is cold. The door is electrically installed and the roof design can be opened and closed with the latest technology. The mosque is also very large overall with an impressive interior decoration of the prayer hall.

The hand carvings of the sculptors decorated with stucco prints add to the beauty of this mosque. A large team of maestro sculptors was specially hired to handle the construction project of this mosque. 

The selected materials are cedar wood from the Atlas region, marble from the Agadir mountains and granite from Tafroute. Meanwhile, the materials for the white granite pillars and glass chandeliers were imported from Murano, Venice, Italy.

More than 6000 Moroccan artists were employed on the project since its inception. With a project cost of half a billion dollars and most of the development funds are donations from the Moroccan people themselves

The mosque is designed to be earthquake resistant complete with a typical Turkish bath and has floors that can be heated according to the weather. 

The roof of the mosque is made of electric doors that can be opened, as a symbol that all worship performed in this mosque will be taken up (heaven). Now, in terms of architecture, this is a plus point for the Hasan II Mosque which makes friends want to set their feet on Moroccan soil

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