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Taipei Grand Mosque in Taiwan


The Taipei Grand Mosque ( Chinese : 臺北清真大寺; Hanyu Pinyin : Táiběi Qīngzhēn Dàsì) is the largest and most famous mosque in Taiwan with a total area of 2,747 square meters. This mosque is located in Daan district , Taipei City . This mosque is the most important Islamic building in Taiwan and was recorded as a historical landmark on June 26, 1999 by the Taipei city government [2] .

The mosque was built jointly funded by the governments of Taiwan and the governments of Saudi Arabia and was finally designed on April 13, 1960 by renowned architect Yang Cho-cheng, who also built the Yuanshan Hotel and the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall .

Islam in Taiwan

Islam is a relatively slow growing religion in Taiwan, around 100 new converts each year. However, lately its growth has been more or less rapid thanks to immigrants from Indonesia . 

Currently there are around 53,000 Taiwanese Chinese who are Muslim and more than 80,000 Indonesian Muslims who work (TKI) in Taiwan. Until now (in 2007) there were around 140,000 Muslims in Taiwan.


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